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Membership to the Library is open to students and staff from the MIHE and Islamic Foundation as well as Gloucestershire University. The general public can register with the library as external users or use the library for reference purposes only.

Islamic Foundation & Academic Staff

Staff has to complete a Library application form and submit a passport size photo in order to join the Library. Staff can borrow 16 books at one time. Staff membership is automatically renewed each year. Visiting staff can apply for a temporary Library card.

The Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE) & Chaplaincy Students

Students are allocated a reader card with their photo and Library ID once they have registered with MIHE. All students are given a guided tour and induction of the Library when they first join. There are helpsheets and Library guides in English and Arabic for the ease of bi-lingual students.

How do I join as an External Member

External membership scheme is available to alumni from the MIHE and post-graduate and research students from other Universities in the British Isles, researchers and anybody who is interested in Islamic Studies. There is an annual fee of £40 which entitles readers to use the Library for reference purposes and borrow up to 4 books for a period of one month. Short loan books and all reference materials cannot be borrowed. External membership is available in the Library and it is £20 for alumni students.

Click Here to Download Application Form


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How to find materials

The Library collections are divided into 3 main areas. The main collection is held on the ground floor where the English books and Quick Reference section is held. The ground floor houses the Quran and Hadith Literature, Seraah of the Prophet, Islamic Economics, Islamic law and history. An area is set aside for Quran translations in almost all the major languages. The Upper floor of the Library houses the Journal Section as well as the Arabic and Urdu sections.

Books on Islam and related subjects are classified by a modified Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme to accommodate all the different subject areas covered in Islam. The rest of the non-Islamic collection follow the Dewey scheme used in many public and academic libraries. Latest journals and weeklies are arranged on the display shelves by alphabetical order of title. Back issues are shelved also in alphabetical order in the Journal section. Special collection and thesis are in closed access and for reference only. Information desk should be contacted to access to these collections. The unique, developing Muslim Chaplaincy collection is held on the ground floor but shelved separately from the main collection.

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