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The Islamic Foundation Library has made few changes in its circulation rules to improve its services to support its readers' education and learning. Circulation includes borrowing, reserving, renewing, returning facilities, fines and charges.

RESERVATION: If an item is on loan to another reader, readers can reserve it either by coming at the enquiry desk or on the Catalogue by clicking on "Reserve" and typing their library number. When the items are available, readers are going to be notified by email to come and pick up the items that they reserved. Reserved items will be kept at the enquiry desk for one week to be collected.

RENEWING: Readers can renew items three times only if the items are not reserved by any other user. Readers should allow sufficient time to return items if they are reserved, or they might be charged. Items can be renewed by:

Email: Readers can send an email to the library asking for renewal.

Phone: 01530 249 301

In Person: Readers can come to the enquiry desk with the items that they would like to renew and ask staff to renew them. Readers' library number should be available to be able to renew items.

RETURNING: Users need to bring the items to the enquiry desk to be returned. If there is reservation on an item, it can be posted to the library. However, users take responsibility over lost items in the post.


The Library is able to arrange for books not available in stock through arranging inter-library loan from the British Library. Students can request for ILL by approaching the Library staff. Research students can apply for 10 loans per year, MA students can order only 4 items during their studies.


Users are able to photocopy by purchasing a photocopier card from a machine installed in the Library foyer. One-pound card allows 20 copies. The microfilm reader is held in the Library.

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